Can CBD help Sleeplessness?

We’d tell you to sleep on it, but… It seems like sleeplessness is part of the human condition. I don’t think I’ve known anyone in my adult life who hasn’t complained to me at least once about not being able to sleep the night before. It turns out, among 20-39 year-olds, 37% report they get less than seven hours of sleep per night on average. For 40-59 year olds, that number hits 40%. And that’s when we’re sleeping at all – 40% of adults report experiencing either short-term or chronic insomnia.  Fortunately, this is one of the many annoyances of everyday life that CBD can help with. Several of us here at JHCo first heard about CBD from a friend or family member who recommended it to help us get some sleep, and for many of us, CBD is an essential part of our bedtime ritual. 

How Can CBD Alleviate Sleeplessness?

The pain relief and stress reduction that CBD brings us alone make for invaluable allies when we’re trying to get to sleep. Still, studies suggest that the Endocannabinoid System may play a vital role in affecting our bodies’ sleep cycles. If this is the case, then CBD, a cannabinoid, may directly help our bodies relax and get restful, rejuvenating sleep.  With our sleep, and therefore our CBD, being such an important part of our well-being, we know how frustrating it can be to find consistently high-quality, high-efficacy CBD products (we were so tired of it, we made our own!). That’s why JHCo offers only the highest quality and potency CBD oils, snacks, topicals, and more! Check out our store, for a full list of the best CBD on the market, including our sleep supplement Slumber, with Melatonin and Chamomile! 
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